Pipehorn Signal Clamp Model 570


Pipehorn Signal Clamp Model 570

Wraps around your target line and helps isolate it from other conductors.


Use with your 800 Series transmitter to selectively induce signal on lines where direct connection is not possible.

The signal clamp can apply a signal to help isolate conductors that are accessible but cannot be hooked-to directly. It applies both frequencies in the 800 Series Pipe and Cable Locators.

It can be clamped around conductors up to five (5) inches in diameter. A threaded fitting on the clamp handle and a remote control jaw actuator are provided for use with an extension handle (hot stick) for long reach applications.

Using the Signal Clamp

Simply clamp around the target conductor below the electrical ground making sure the jaws on the Signal Clamp meet squarely and are fully closed. The better the jaws meet, the more signal will be applied to the target conductor.

The Signal Clamp can also be used to identify cables from one access point or vault to another. Clamp around the target cable, separating it from the others. At the next vault or access point, place the receiver antenna onto each cable listening for the strongest signal.

Pipehorn Signal Clamp Example