Model DL-1 Datalogger


Model DL-1 Datalogger

Tinker & Rasor re-introduced the Model DL-1 Data Logger in 2011. The DL-1 is a four channel, leave behind data logger, but with many new features and improvements.

1 mV resolution, USB communication, new software /p>

The new DL-1 has double the memory, a major increase in processing power, better resolution and now has USB communication with the computer. /p>

Other features include a larger body to accommodate more batteries (up to 4 9v), new gasket and end caps for better resistance to water intrusion, Power button and more LEDs for more information,

The new TRAC4 software is easier to use and offers better tools for analyzing data than its predecessor. New featuers include the ability to graph only selected data from the Data View, graph only selected channels, and more.

The USB cable makes connecting a DL-1 unit to a computer much easier and the download speed of recorded data is lightning fast!


  • 1,000,000 Reads (Samples) Memory
  • 4 Channels with Independant Grounds
  • 200 Meg Ohm Impedence
  • USB Communication
  • AC and DC filetering
  • 1mV Resolution
  • Watertight CaseUp to four (4) 9v batteries

Kit Includes

  • (1) DL-1 Instrument
  • (4) 9v Batteries
  • (1) Model 6-A Copper Sulfate (CuCu/SO4) reference electrode
  • Data Collection Cable, 4 channel, 8 wire
  • USB Computer Communication Cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Software
  • Carrying Case
Tinker & Rasor Model DL-1 Datalogger
Tinker & Rasor Model DL-1 Datalogger Spreadsheet
Tinker & Rasor Model DL-1 Datalogger

Electrical & Mechanical Specifications

Analog 4 Analog Channels
Input Voltage Range ±5v ch 1 &2, 150VRMS ch 3, ±100v TrueView
Resolution 1mV ch 1 & 2
Input Impedance 200+ Meg Ohms
Sampling Frequency Fast as 1 KHz, Slow as 1/99 min. (All channels)
data Storage 1,000,000 samples (with Time & Date stamp)
Recording Duration 0.001 seconds to years
Data Memory Battery Life (backup) 10 years
Voltage 9v battery (alkaline -type)
Current 43mV
Standby 1.7mV
Battery Life up to one (1) Month, (4) 9v Alkaline, 1/min Sampling rate
Operating Temperature -15 to 55 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature -15 to 55 degrees Celsius
Communication USB Interface
Dimensions – Instrument 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 10.25″ (38.1 mm x 38.1 mm x 260.35 mm)
Weight – Instrument 10 oz. (283g)