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Immersion Reference Electrodes from EDI

Immersion Reference Electrode


The Immersion Reference Electrode, Model IR, is designed for long term installation in an aqueous environment. Typical applications include elevated water tanks, standpipes, ground storage tanks, clarifiers, traveling screens, trash racks, submerged pipelines, locks, dams, and dock structures. The electrode can be directly suspended by its lead wire, cemented directly to 3/4 inch PVC conduit using the optional socket end termination, or securely attached to a steel structure with the optional magnetic mount. Antifreeze protection is also available for those situations where the electrode may be exposed to temperatures down to -30?F (-34?C). However, antifreeze may shift the reference potential by up to 12 mV.

The Model IR has a twenty year design life and uses #12 AWG RHW/USE lead wire. An available option is a copper sleeve which will reduce biofouling when the electrode is exposed for extended times in natural seawater. This electrode can also be fitted with a concentric cathodic protection coupon which minimizes voltage drop error in potential measurements.

For Clean Seawater

Model IR can be used in all aqueous environments. For clean full strength seawater applications, the EDI Model IP-AGD Immersion Reference may be a more economical alternative.

For More Information

Complete Product Information and Installation Instructions are available for downloading as pdf files. Click on the link below to download.
Immersion Reference Electrode (Model IR ) data sheet.