Holiday Detector Model M/1


Holiday Detector Model M/1

Tinker & Rasor Hoilday Detector Model M/1

Model M/1

Holiday Detector for Thin-Film Coatings

General Description

The Model M/1 Holiday Detector is a highly sensitive device designed to locate holidays (pin holes, voids, etc.) in thin film protective coating of relatively high electrical resistance when such films are applied to the surface of material of low electrical resistance. In applications such as painted metal surfaces, the Model M/1 Holiday Detector will locate these points very accurately and will indicated their existence with an audible signal. This method of inspection of thin film is a non-destructive test which will not injure the protective coating.

The instrument is housed in a sturdy plastic case with provision for attachment to the operator’s belt. The detector is a “non-destructive wet sponge” type holiday detector. The basic electronic design of the Model M/1 Holiday Detector is a very sensitive circuit, which is energized by six “AA” batteries.

The exploring electrode consists of cellulose sponge attached by the metal clamp to a phenolic wand handle and wand cable. The ground cable consists of a cable with direct connect clamp.


  • Regulated inspection voltage.
  • Instant calibration verification
  • New six cell battery pack of AA size batteries readily available anywhere.
  • Optional comfortable headphones for high noise environments.
  • Non-destructive detector case made of a tough ABS plastic.
  • Never applies more than 67.5 volts at any time.

The Model M/1 Holiday Detector consists of:

  • portable battery powered electronic instrument
  • non-conductive handle with sponge clamps
  • open cell sponge (cellulose)
  • ground wire