Above Ground Insulator Tester


Above Ground Insulator Tester (Model RF-IT)

The Model RF-IT is a highly sensitive device used to test above ground pipeline insulators. This affordable unit is also fantastic for flange bolts shorts. The automatic RF-IT allows the operator to pinpoint the precise contact point. The RF-IT emits an audible beep. When the operator gets closer to the point of contact the unit starts beeping faster. At the same time, the sliding scale LCD meter moves from left to right.

The Model RF-IT Insulator Tester consists of a portable battery powered electronic instrument with detachable probes for making positive electrical contact across the insulator. The instrument is packaged in a plastic case complete with batteries ready to operate. Two extra steel needlepoints are supplied with the Tester. The unit is factory calibrated and needs no field adjustments. Calibrations are made with the probe wire conductors supplied with the unit.

Tinker & Rasor Insulator Testor Model RF-IT