Gx Pipeline Survey Data-Logger

M.C. Miller Gx Data-loggers

  • Integrated High-Performance Digital Voltmeter
  • Integrated WAAS-enabled GPS Receiver
  • Integrated 5MP Digital Camera
  • State-of-the-Art Software Applications

Gx Pipeline Survey Data-logger (Cat.# 11275)

  • Comes loaded with M. C. Miller’s Pipeline Survey software application for “Over-the-Pipe” Surveys:
  • Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS or CIS)
  • DCVG Surveys
  • Combined (single-pass) DCVG/CIS Surveys
  • Surface Potential Surveys
  • Integrates with M. C. Miller’s survey accessory equipment
  • Integrates with ProActive, for pipeline survey data management, or can export data to Excel
  • High-resolution date/time stamped photos can be integrated with your survey data
  • User Manual
  • More pictures

Gx Site Survey Data-logger (Cat.# 11250)

  • Comes loaded with M. C. Miller’s Test Site Survey software application
  • Integrates with ProActive, M. C. Miller’s corrosion control data management application
  • Data-types are customizable for each of your test sites and each test site can be GPS position stamped
  • High-resolution date/time stamped photos can be taken at your test sites during a route and recorded images are posted directly to the ProActive database
  • User Manual

Included with Both Gx Data-logger Models

M. C. Miller Gx Data-logger survey guy
  • Gx Data-logger
  • Hard plastic carrying case
  • GPS thumb antenna
  • AC charger/adapter
  • Vehicle charger
  • USB adapter cable (A to mini-B)
  • USB host cable (A to mini-B)
  • Serial cable

Optional Software Applications for the Gx Data-loggers

The Gx Site Survey Data-logger and the Gx Pipeline Survey Data-logger come loaded with the appropriate software. In addition, these data-loggers can be used to run other M. C. Miller software applications that can be purchased separately.

  • Gx Site Survey Application (for the Gx Pipeline Survey Data-logger)
    Cat. # SFT131
  • Gx Pipeline Survey Application (for the Gx Site Survey Data-logger)
    Cat. # SFT132
  • Gx Time Chart Recorder Application
    Cat. # SFT133

Software Support

  • High Voltage Isolation for Operator Safety
  • Tested to 1kV steady-state/15kV transient voltage levels
    (designed for higher voltage level isolation)
  • meets the IEC Standard for Category IV environments

Software support is an optional item that is highly recommended and includes access to the M. C. Miller Help Desk as well as software updates and enhancements as they are made available. This support is included free-of-charge for the first year and may be purchased before the end of the first year of ownership of the data-logger and then annually thereafter.

  • User Support for the Gx Site Survey Application
    Cat. # SFT131US
  • User Support for the Gx Pipeline Survey Application
    Cat. # SFT132US
  • User Support for the Gx Time Chart Recorder Application
    Cat # SFT133US

Gx Data-logger Extended Warranty Options

  • Analog Pre-Processing & Digital Signal Processing
  • Accurate determination of On/Off pair values
  • voltmeter does not saturate even with superimposed AC signals up to 120V) and/or inductive spikes (up to 2kV) appearing at the input terminals.

Gx Data-loggers are covered under M.C. Miller’sfactory warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment from the M. C. Miller factory to the customer.At anytime during the first year of ownership of the Gx data-logger, the owner can elect to purchase an extended warranty on theproduct. An extended warranty cannot be purchased beyond the first anniversary of the data-logger ship date. M. C. Miller offers two types of extended warranties, the Gx GOLD and the Gx PLATINUM plans.

  • Gx GOLD Extended Warranty – Cat. #11235
  • Gx PLATINUM Extended Warranty – Cat. #11240

General Specifications

Fast Response Channels (Ranges) Available
80ms response time in combination with high input impedance values (up to 400MO)
Accurate On/Off pair readings during fast cycle current interruption, even under high source resistance conditions.

  • Integrated M. C. Miller voltmeter
  • Integrated GPS receiver (WAAS-enabled)
  • Built-in 5MP digital camera with auto-focus and illumination
  • Serial port available for an external GPS receiver connection, if required
  • 320×240 pixel (3.5 inch) color LCD touch-screen (indoor/outdoor viewing)
  • 55-key alphabetic-order keypad
  • Windows CE 5.0 operating system
  • Xscale processor (624MHz)
  • 256MB SDRAM
  • 2GB SD card (non-volatile memory for survey data storage)
  • Serial (RS232) & USB outputs
  • Wireless Connectivity-enabled
  • Two re-chargeable 2500mAh Li-Ion batteries (5000mAh total capacity) [40+ hours operation*]
    both batteries are required for unit operation.
  • IP67 rated (1 meter immersion)
  • Satisfies MIL-STD-810F (wind-blown rain)
  • Operating temp range:-4?F to 122 ?F (-20?C to 50?C)
  • Storage temp range (no battery): -4?F to 140?F (-20?C to 60?C)
  • Dimensions: 12.5″x5.31″x2.31″
  • Weight: 2.64 lbs
M. C. Miller Gx Data-logger camera mode
Battery life estimates(hours)
Backlight Intensity Level
5% 50% 100%
No Applications Running 43.8 26.6 19.0
MCM Survey Application Running
(Voltmeter and GPS Receiver Active)
23.0 16.7 13.3

Voltmeter Range, Display Resolution, and Accuracy Specifications

Channel, Input Impedance & Response Time (to 99% of final value)
Range Display Resolution Accuracy(% reading value)
40mVDC, 10MO, 80ms 0.01mV ±0.2% ±0.08mV
400mVDC, 10MO, 80ms 0.1mV ±0.2% ±0.6mV
5.7VDC, 400MO , 80ms 0.001V ±0.2% ±0.004V
40VDC, 75MO , 80ms 0.01V ±0.2% ±0.04V
57VDC, 75MO, 2ms 0.01V ±0.2% ±0.04V
57VDC, 400MO, 50ms 0.01V ±0.2% ±0.04V
400VDC, 75MO, 80ms 0.1V ±0.2% ±0.4V
570VDC, 75MO, 2ms 0.1V ±0.2% ±0.4V
40VAC, 75MO, 1.35s 0.01V ±1.0% ±0.06V
400VAC, 75MO, 1.35s 0.1V ±1.0% ±0.6V
AC range specifications valid over 10-1000Hz frequency range and 5-100% of full scale range

Terms and Conditions of the MCM Gx Data-logger Care Program

  • Same coverage as original M. C. Miller one year factory warranty with the exception of wearable parts
  • Same coverage as original M. C. Miller one year factory warranty, including wearable parts
  • Accident Coverage 25% discount on any non-covered repairs regardless of reason

Limited Product Warranty

M. C. Miller warrants that the Gx Data-logger products shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal intended use, for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment from the M. C. Miller factory to the customer. The Gx Data-logger products can be warranted up to five (5) years(including the factory warranty period). M. C. Miller warrants that the following items shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal intended use, for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of shipment: battery packs, media containing the M. C. Miller programs, owner’s manual and any accessories. Extended warranties apply only to the Gx Data-logger products, not battery packs, media containing M. C. Miller programs, owner’s manual(s) and any accessories.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty shall not apply if: (i) the product has been set up improperly or has been improperly installed or calibrated, (ii) the product is operated in a manner that is not in accordance with the instruction manual(s) and/or user guide, (iii) the product is used for a purpose other than for which it was designed, (iv) the product has been used in environmental conditions outside of those specified for the product, (v) the product has been subject to any modification, alteration, or change by or on behalf of customer (except and unless modified, changed or altered by M. C. Miller or M. C. Miller’s direct supervision), (vi) the defect or malfunction results from misuse or accident, (vii) the serial number on the product has been tampered with or removed, or (viii) the product has been opened or tampered with in anyway. Excessively worn parts are not covered under the Gx GOLD plan. These may include, but are not limited, touch screen, keyboard elastomer/switch, hand strap, bumpers, graphics, elastomer cords, flash, battery, antenna housing hinge, PACK connection hardware. This warranty is exclusive and M. C. Miller will not assume and hereby expressly disclaims any further warranties, whether express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or any warranties arising from the course of performance, dealing or usage of trade. M. C. Miller shall not be responsible for software, firmware, information, or memory data contained in, stored on, or integrated with any products returned to M. C. Miller for repair, whether under warranty or not.


In the event a defect in materials or workmanship is discovered and reported to M. C. Miller within the specified warranty period, M. C. Miller will, at its option, repair the defect or replace the defective product. Replacement products may be new or reconditioned. M. C. Miller warrants any replaced or repaired product for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of return shipment, or through the end of the original warranty period, whichever is longer.

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent allowed by law, M. C. Miller’s obligation shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the product. M. C. Miller shall in no event be liable for special, incidental, or consequential, indirect, special or punitive damages of any kind, or for loss of revenue or profits, loss of business, loss of information or data, or other financial loss arising out of or in connection with the sale, installation, maintenance, use performance, failure or interruption of any product. Any responsibility and/or liability of M. C. Miller shall, in connection with a warranted product, be limited in maximum amount to the original purchase price.

Warranty Repairs

To obtain repair or service on the Gx Data-logger products, contact the M. C. Miller Company within the applicable warranty period to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Repairs returned without proper authorization may be subject to additional handling fee and/or delay the repair. The customer is responsible to prepay all shipping costs when sending equipment to the M. C. Miller Company. M. C. Miller will return the repaired equipment by the same method it was received with costs of shipping prepaid.

Governing Law

This warranty is governed by laws of the State of Florida, and excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The courts of the State of Florida shall have exclusive personal jurisdiction in case of any disputes arising out of or in connection with this warranty.

Services and Materials Provided Under All Warranties

  • Analysis of problem by certified service technician
  • Labor and materials required to fix defective parts
  • Functional analysis performed after repair
  • Shipping costs to return unit to customer

International customers will experience customs and shipping delay.

Replacement of Wearable Parts with Gx PLATINUM Warranty Program

It is normal for some parts to wear out over time. With the Gx PLATINUM Warranty Program, wearable parts may be replaced once per unit in a twelve (12) month period at the sole discretion of M. C. Miller. Wearable parts include:

  • Touch Screen
  • Keyboard Elastomer/Switch
  • Hand Strap
  • Bumpers
  • Graphics
  • Elastomer Cords
  • Flash
  • Battery
  • Antenna Housing Hinge
  • PACK Connection Hardware

Obligations for Extended Warranty

Customer Obligations

  1. Pay for the extended warranty coverage per M. C. Miller’s stated terms and conditions. The extended warranty must be purchased before the expiration of the M. C. Miller factory one (1) year warranty.
  2. When a repair is needed, contact the M. C. Miller Company to receive a RMA number and instructions on how to ship the product.
  3. Properly pack the product (equal to the original shipping carton).
  4. Adequately insure the product against loss or shipping damages.
  5. Pay for shipping, handling, and insurance costs needed to return the product to the M. C. Miller Company.
  6. Pay for any expediting fees outside M. C. Miller’s normal repair policy and extended warranty programs.
  7. Assume full responsibility for returning the product for repair prior to the warranty expiration date.
  8. Assist as needed in tracing and/or settling shipping losses or damages.

Factory Obligations

  1. Provide Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and accept the product back for evaluation or repair.
  2. Evaluate, repair or replace the product as needed.
  3. Repair and return the product within a reasonable turn around time or notify the customer if there is a delay and explain the cause of the delay
  4. Adequately insure and pay for return shipping and handling costs to the customer.
  5. Forewarn the customer of any non-warranty work to be completed (including associated shipping and handling costs).
  6. Assist as needed in tracing and/or settling losses or damages.

M. C. Miller Gx Data-logger

Gx Pipeline Survey Data-Logger

Gx Pipeline Survey Data-Logger

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