Data Probe Repair Kit


MC Miller offers a data-probe retrofit/repair kit for use if your data-probe connector has been broken. This kit can be installed in-house, or you can send your damaged probe to MC Miller for installation. Available for both red and green handle probes.

Standard 5-pin connectors on M. C. Miller data-probes can be customer-replaced by a new right-angle 5-pin connector (Note: Data-probes can also be returned to the M. C. Miller factory for retrofitting). The advantage of the new downward pointing connector is that there is considerably-less strain at the cable/connector interface, which greatly reduces the possibility of the connector, or the cable plug, becoming damaged during use. The kit can be easily spliced with the existing wires and mounted to the probe. Instructions can be found below.

NOTE for old style Data-probes: In cases where surveys are being performed through thick brush that might cause the data-probe to get caught up, it is recommended that a wire tie be used, as illustrated in the above photograph, in order to minimize the strain on the cable plug as the data-probe is pulled through the brush.

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