Model Mark V Ranger Pipe and Cable Locator


Model Mark V Ranger Pipe and Cable Locator


Tinker & Rasor Model Mark V Ranger Pipe and Cable Locator Tinker & Rasor Model PD-5 Auxiliary Osillator


Components of Mark V Ranger
  • Mark V Receiver with batteries (6 C cells)
  • Transmitter with batteries (6 C cells)
  • Ground plate, direct connect cable
  • Headphones, stereo
  • terminal board, pipe & ground
  • 30′ black ground cable
  • 6′ red oscillator-to-pipe cable
  • 45/90 adapter
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction manual (not shown)

Optional Accessories for Locating Holidays
  • Shoe cleats (set of 4)
  • Terminal board (single connect)
  • Terminal Board (double connect)
  • 30′ connecting cable
  • Cleat Cables (set of 4)


The MARK V RANGER is a combination radio frequency pipe and cable locator and audio frequency short locator. It is unsurpassed in depth penetration, tracing distances and sensitivity. It was was designed to expand the capabilities of the field technician by combining two instruments in one.

The quartz crystal controlled signal provides outstanding single frequency output that eliminates high noise interference while being extremely sensitive even at the low range setting. Circuit boards in the MARK V RANGER are rigidly mounted to injection molded panels and treated to prevent corrosion and mildew without troublesome potting compounds.

Built with the finest components and materials available, the MARK V delivers reliability and performance Tough ABS thermoplastic panels, housing and compartmented carrying case assure years of trouble-free service in rugged field operations. As with all Tinker & Rasor products, the MARK V comes with batteries, ready for use.

Pearson Type Holiday Detector

The Tinker & Rasor Mark V Ranger set on audio frequency position was designed to locate flaws or breaks in the coating of buried pipelines. The method makes possible the exact location of coating breaks on buried pipelines without access to the surface of the coated pipe.

Short Locator

The apparatus is also effective in locating shorts or undesirable electrical contacts. Contacts should be removed prior to placing a pipeline under cathodic protection as these contacts would drain a large amount of protective potential from the coated pipe.

Pipe Locator

The apparatus can be used very effectively as a pipe locator on coated pipelines which are electrically connected by screw or welded joints. This application is particularly effective where it is desired to locate and follow one pipeline along a right-of-way where there are a number of buried lines.

PD-5 Oscillator

Although the Mark V has a potent combination of Power and Sensitivity this can be radically enhanced with the addition of the PD-5 Auxiliary Oscillator. This 25 watt powerhouse has been known to supply enough energy to a well coated pipeline to allow cross country surveys of 15 miles from a single connection point. The PD-5 Fits into the Mark V and allows the Mark V to close while the PD-5 is in place.