Detectron Model 7-T Valve Locator


Detectron Model 7-T Valve Locator

Model 7-T

The Model 7-T is compact, balanced and light weight. Designed specifically to locate buried and concealed metal objects such as paved over manhole covers and valve boxes, metal survey or property markers, lost or buried tools, plumbing or electrical installations, behind plaster, brick or wood walls and lost or buried treasures.

The Model 7-T is an indispensable aid to utility companies, surveyors, police departments, electrical contractors, plumbers, construction companies, municipalities, engineers, and explorers.


  • Rugged “Cycolac” instrumenthousing and detection head
  • 3 Replaceable “AA” Alkaline batteries
  • Built-in speaker, signal and battery test meter
  • One sensitivity control knob
  • Balanced and lightweight
  • Adjustable extension
  • Fully transistorized
  • Set of stereo headphones
  • Dependable

Optional Accessory

  • One Carrying case compartmented for each component


  • Operating Weight:  3 lbs. (6.6 KG)
  • Shipping Weight:
    • With carrying case:  12 lbs. (26.4 kg)
    • Without carrying case:  7 lbs. (15.4 kg)
  • Warranty:   1 year/parts & labor

Detectron Valve Pox Locator Model 7T