Cadweld Type CALA Cable to Lug Connections

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Cadweld Type CALA Cable to Lug Connections

Cadweld Type CALA

Conductor Size Welder Part No.4 Welder Metal Lug Part No.3 Lug Size Stud Size
#8 Solid or Stranded
or #61
CALAT-1G CA25 CAB-101-AA 1/16 X 1/2 1/4
#6 Stranded2 CALAT-1H CA25
#4 Solid CALAT-1K CA25
#4 Stranded CALAT-1L CA25
#2 Solid CALAT-1T CA32
#2 Stranded CALAT-1V CA32
#1 Stranded CALAT-1Y CA32
#1/0 Stranded CALAP-2C CA45
#2/0 Stranded CALAP-2G CA45 CAB-101-CE 1/8 X 1 3/8
4 Requires sleeve CAB-133-1L (1 per connection)
2 Requires sleeve CAB-112 (1 per connection)
3 Two hold lugs also available
1 Welder Part No. includes mold frame. If mold only ( less frame) is requited, order Welder Part No. M
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