Cadweld Type CAHE Connections to Cast Iron

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Cadweld Type CAHE Connections to Cast Iron

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Cadweld Type CAHE Connections to Cast Iron

Cadweld Type CAHE

Conductor SizeSurfaceWelder
Part No. ‡
Weld Metal
#14 to #10 Solid
(use sleeve CAB-133-1H)** or
#8 Solid or Stranded,
or #6 Solid
Flat (30″ & larger pipe)CAHEA-1GCA32XF-19
4″ to 24″ pipeCAHEA-1G-P.S.*CA32XF-19
6 StrandedFlat (30″ & larger pipe)CAHEA-1HCA32XF-19
4″ to 24″ pipeCAHEA-1H-P.S.*CA32XF-19
4 SolidFlat (30″ & larger pipe)CAHEA-1KCA45XF-19
4″ to 24″ pipeCAHEA-1K-P.S.*CA45XF-19
4 StrandedFlat (30″ & larger pipe)CAHEA-1LCA45XF-19
4″ to 24″ pipeCAHEA-1L-P.S.*CA45XF-19
2 SolidFlat (30″ & larger pipe)CAHEA-1TCA45XF-19
4″ to 24″ pipeCAHEA-1T-P.S.*CA45XF-19
2 StrandedFlat (30″ & larger pipe)CAHEA-1VCA45XF-19
4″ to 24″ pipeCAHEA-1V-P.S.*CA45XF-19
1 StrandedFlat (18″ & larger pipe)CAHEA-1YCA65XF-19
4″ to 24″ pipeCAHEA-1Y-P.S.*CA65XF-19
* Specify pipe size.
Example: For #2 Stranded to 6″ pipe
(Type CAHB) CAHEA-1V-6,
(Type CAHE) CAHE-1V-6.
** One sleeve per connection.
‡ Welder Part No. includes mold frame.
If mold frame only (less frame) is required, order Welder Part No. “M”.
Do not use Types CAHB, CAHE, or CAVH on soil pipe. (ASTM A74-82)
A test weld should be made on a section of the pipe being used to determine possibility of detrimental metallurgical effects.
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Through Conductor on Top of Cast Iron

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