Automated Internal/External Corrosion Mapping

Corrosion Mapping

Introducing the IntraSpect automated ultrasonic internal and external corrosion mapping system with 5080 robotic pipe scanner:

  • Internal and external corrosion mapping with mid-wall anomaly detection.
  • Recalculates MAOP when flaw is detected using built in RSTRENG© formulation by Technical Toolboxes, Inc.
  • Collects data as close together as every .040 inches in both the X and Y axis.
The data is presented in "A, B, and C" scan formats using color to highlight the intensity of any indication. The IntraSpect system provides an indication measurement accuracy that cannot be achieved by manual hand held flaw detectors, providing the owner/operator confidence that absolutely no indications have gone undetected! This system provides a comprehensive pictorial map of the actual inspected area. (See Example Below of a Typical Inspection):

Corrosion Mapping Results (Click on image to see larger version.)
Slide 1

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