Urethane Foam Pigs from Knapp

K-Duro is Knapp's exclusive heavy-density urethane foam. K-Duro is an open-cell, 8-10 pound per cubic foot density, urethane foam designed for more strength, longer distance, and heavier service than K-Lite foam.
K-Lite is Knapp's exclusive medium density urethane foam. K-Lite is a proprietary, open-cell, 5-8 pounds per cubic foot density, urethane foam designed specifically for use in pipelines. K-Lite foam has a high tear strength and medium stiffness, it is more flexible than Knapp's K-Duro foam.

Ultra Seal Pig

Ultra-Seal Pig
Knapp's patented Ultra-Seal Pig is the best sealing pig on the market.
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Ultra Seal Lite Pig

Ultra-Seal Lite Pig
Knapp's patented Ultra-Seal Lite Pig is highly acclaimed for its sealing abilty in multi-dimensional pipelines.
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Hand Launch Pig Hand-Launch Pig
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Polly Disc Pig Polly Disc Pig
Originally known as the "Polly Sheep Pig" after its resemblance to a Sheep's foot roller, Knapp has manufactured the foam-bodied Polly Disc Pig since 1988.
Custom Foam Pig Custom Foam Pig
Knapp manufactures custom-designed urethane foam pigs for specific applications where dimensions and design of ordinary pigs just won't work.
Custom Sphere Options Foam Sphere Pig
Knapp manufactures a complete line of urethane foam spheres from bare foam spheres of various densities to those coated with urethane elastomer or silicone carbide chips.
Polly Pig Group Polly Pig
Knapp is the originator of the Polly Pig, urethane foam pipeline cleaner.

Red Series Pig Red Series Pigs
The Red Series pig bodies are made with Knapp's rugged and dependable K-Lite urethane foam. K-lite is a medium-density (7 to 8 lb/ft3) foam; the Red Series pigs are available with assorted coatings and scraper elements to perform the utility function required of the pig.
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Crimson Series Pig Crimson Series Pigs
The Crimson Series pigs use Knapp's K-Duro, our toughest and longest-wearing foam. K-Duro is a heavy-density (9 to 10 lb/ft3) foam ideal for pigs that have to travel long distances or perform hard scraping duty. The Crimson Series is available with the same coating patterns and scraper elements as the Red Series.
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Blue Series Pig Blue Series Pigs
Knapp's Blue Series pigs use the same basic K-Lite foam system as the well-known Red Series. With Knapp's unique ability to blend our own foam sytems, we alter the formulation of the urethane foam to make it softer, lighter (5 to 6 lb/ft3) and more flexible. The coating used for the Blue Series is also softer and more flexible than that found on the Red Series. The same coating patterns and scraper elements are available for the Blue Series.
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Maximum Cleaning Series Pig Maximum Cleaning Series Pigs
The Maximum Cleaning Series pigs use both Knapp's K-Lite and K-Duro urethane foam bodies. Depending upon the particular application, straps of urethane scraper blades, steel wire brushs, silicone carbide chips, or hardened steel studs are applied to the pig bodies to produce the ultimate in scraping and flexibility.
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Swab Series Pig Swab Series Pigs
The Swab Series pigs use Knapp's lightest density (1 to 2 lb/ft3) foam body with the same coating patterns and scraper elements available for our other Polly Pigs.
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Polly Pig Options Polly Pig Options
All Knapp Polly Pigs are available with performance-enhancing options such as double-dished ends and pig tracking adapters to fit all manufacturers locating equipment. Please consult Knapp with your specific requirements.
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