Test Stations from Cott

Big Fink Test Station BigFink® CP Test Station
The Big Fink® cathodic protection test station is a field proven, high strength, maintenance free terminal for monitoring electric currents and potentials.
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Little Fink Test Station LittleFink® CP Test Station
The Little Fink® cathodic protection test station is a 2 or 3 lead version of the Big Fink®.
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FinkLet Test Station FinkLet®/FinkPlate® CP Test Stations
The FinkLet® and FinkPlate® cathodic protection test stations are rugged, maintenance free, non conductive terminals for monitoring electrical currents and potentials.
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Flush Fink Test Station FlushFink® CP Test Stations
The Flush Fink® cathodic protection test station and terminal enclosure is a high strength, maintenance free, non-conductive, flush mounted below ground terminal. It's patented "Bell Jar" design keeps test leads dry even when the enclosure is covered by flood water.
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Street Fink Test Station StreetFink® CP Test Stations
The Street Fink® cathodic protection test station is a non-conductive, high capacity, flush mounted, below ground terminal that is used to conveniently monitor electrical currents and potentials associated with all types of underground piping, cables, and other metallic structures. Designed especially for use in troublesome locations where water, street traffic and other adverse conditions exist, the Street Fink® will maintain its structural integrity during hard usage and is suitable for installation in asphalt.
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Flange Fink Test Station FlangeFink® CP Test Stations
The Flange Fink® cathodic protection test station is a special version of the 5 to 11 lead BigFink® or the 2 to 3 lead LittleFink® test station. Both models are designed to be easily mounted on a pipe flange or vault wall.
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 Fink Bonder Test Station FinkBonder® Resistance Bonding Test Stations
The FinkBonder® resistance bonding circuit, factory installed in Cott's BigFink® electrical enclosure, is a field proven versatile and inexpensive method for reducing or eliminating stray current interference from cathodic protection installations.
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 ZapGard Test Station ZapGard® CP Test Stations
The ZapGard® cathodic protection test station is a 5 to 10 lead version of the BigFink® station, PLUS the unique shock guard to protect personnel from accidental contact with the electrical terminals AND banana plug terminals for all test leads.
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 Fat Fink Test Station FatFink® CP Test Stations
The FatFink® cathodic protection test station is a very large capacity version of the BigFink® design.
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