PetroWrap Mastic

PetroWrap Mastic Hand Application

PetroWrap Mastic is a cold applied filler which profiles areas by easing contours on pipe joints, flanges, bolts, and other irregular shapes to be wrapped with PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape. PetroWrap Mastic consists of saturated neutral petrolatum based compounds, inert fillers, and reinforcing compounds and will not harden even in the most severe climactic conditions.

PetroWrap Mastic is a component of the PetroWrap Anti Corrosion System and is used to fill irregularities on metal surfaces prior to wrapping with PetroWrap Anti Corrosion Tape. Flanges, bolts, mechanical joints, valves, and connections are some areas where this product can be used. Filling voids prevents air pockets and therefore inhibits rust. Surface should be primed with PetroWrap Primer before Mastic is applied. PetroWrap Mastic is not recommended where exposure to strong solvents is likely.

Withstands temperatures 23°F(-5°C) to 113°F(45°C)

Three kilogram blocks are packaged eight to a carton.

PetroWrap Mastic Requirement Calculations
Flanged Valves
(Kg Mastic)
Flanged Pairs
(Kg Mastic)
50mm 1.35 2.85
75mm 2.15 4.30
100mm 2.85 5.70
150mm 4.30 8.65
200mm 5.70 11.35
250mm 7.25 14.30
300mm 8.65 17.25
350mm 10.00 20.00
400mm 11.35 22.80
450mm 12.85 25.70
500mm 14.30 28.65
610mm 17.25 34.30
760mm 21.35 42.85
915mm 25.90 51.35