Sphere Pigs from Knapp

Foam Sphere Pig Urethane Foam Sphere Pigs
Based on an exclusive, proprietary urethane foam system developed by Knapp, the complete line of urethane foam-bodied spheres are the toughest in the industry.
Wire Brush Sphere Pig Wire Brush Sphere Pigs
By design a sphere has only a small amount of its surface in contact; great for flexibility, but not good for cleaning. For the operator that needs cleaning as well, Knapp's foam-bodied steel wire brush spheres are the answer.
Inflatable Sphere Pig Inflatable Sphere Pigs
Available in five different formulations, Knapp's inflatable urethane spheres are manufactured with the highest quality urethane elastomer systems to give the operator peak performance and reliability.
Poly Sphere Pig Polly Sphere Pigs
Knapp's patented urethane foam-core Polly Cast Spheres offer long life plus flexibility. Unlike inflatable spheres, these spheres won't blow-out or deflate in the line.
Custom Sphere Options Custom Sphere Pigs
Knapp is internationally known for its innovative, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind spheres and pigs for unusual and line-specific applications.
String of Pearls Sphere pig
String of Pearls Pigs