Locating Instruments from Tinker & Rasor

Tinker & Rasor Model 505 Go-fer Pipe and Cable Locator Model 505 "Go-fer" Pipe & Cable Locator
This type of locator is widely used by Gas Distribution, Pipeline and Power Companies to locate and mark theirs and others carriers prior to excavation.
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Tinker & Rasor Model PD Short Locator Model PD Short Locator
The Model PD is an excellent device for pinpointing defects in coatings on buried pipelines and is very accurate in locating breaks in cables such as anode leads on impressed current, cathodic protection systems.
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Tinker & Rasor Mark V Ranger Pipe & Cable Locator Model Mark V Ranger Pipe & Cable Locator
This dual frequency locator affords the operator the luxury both Radio and Audio Frequencies. The Mark V Ranger delivers unrivaled performance at a competitive price.
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