Current Interrupters from M.C. Miller

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Supporting the Cathodic Protection Industry since 1945
M. C. Miller Cronos GPS Current Interrupter Cronos GPS Cl
Precision clock-timing even with an intermittent view of the GPS satellites.
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M. C. Miller JR-1 Current Interrupter JR-1
The use of a microprocessor and crystal controlled timing result in a unit which can operate alone or in precise synchronization with any number of other JR-1s or the 100 amp Model JR-2.
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M. C. Miller JR-2 Current Interrupter JR-2
Model JR-2 is a high power interrupter with 100 amperes DC interrupting capability.
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M. C. Miller Cl30 Current Interrupter Cl-30
Use of this Current Interrupter will save the time and expense of one man who otherwise would be stationed at the battery or rectifier with stop watch in hand to turn the current ON and OFF.
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