Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection

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Galvanic Series of Metals

Galvanic corrosion is a natural phenomenon that occurs when two different types of metal are in contact with each other.


Basic Theory of Metallic Corrosion

Why do metals corrode and is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening? Learn more about this natural phenomenon and the methods used to protect valuable metal structures.


Basic Theory of Electricity

Understanding electricity is a prerequisite for understanding how and why metals corrode. Learn more about the basics of electricity, voltage, current, and resistance.


What's the Difference Between Galvanic and Impressed Current Anodes?

Want to know about Galvanic Anodes and Impressed Current Anodes? Read about the basics of these two important components in a Cathodic Protection System.

About Allied Corrosion

Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc. is a full service corrosion control corporation providing design, installation and maintenance of corrosion solutions and cathodic protection systems since 1980. We are also a materials and test equipment provider, offering a full line of corrosion-related products.

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