Advance Products & Systems Kleergel® Corrosion Inhibitor

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Advance Products & Systems Kleergel® Corrosion Inhibitor

Kleergel® Inhibitor Grease

Heavy duty synthetic grease used in conjunction with Kleerband Flange Protectors to prevent corrosion and protect your pipeline. A high performance synthetic grease is non-staining, non-toxic, multipurpose lubricant which outperforms other petroleum based grease.
Kleergel® Inhibitor Grease contains no impurities, making it more durable than the leading petroleum based lubricant. In addition, Kleergel® isn’t easily prone to oxidation, emulsification, and other destructive chemical reactions.

⇒For more information, please download a brochure here: Kleergel Corrosion Inhibitor Brochure

Shelf Life
>10 years
Dialectic Strength
500 volts/mil (ASTM-D149)
Water Content
<.001% (Karls Fisher method)
Salt Spray Test
Pass (ASTM D2596)
Solubility in Water
Operating Temperature Range
-50°F – 500°F

Advance Flange Protectors and corrosion inhibitor grease are recommended on all isolated flanges. By encapsulating the flange cavity with the flange protector and injecting the corrosion inhibitor grease, you can rely on your cathodic protection system to provide you with years of trouble free service.

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Box of 11 oz spray cans, Case of 14 oz cartridges, 35 lb pail, 120 lb drum

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