Air Cooled Gas Station Series, by Universal Rectifier

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Air Cooled Gas Station Series, by Universal Rectifier

Low-Cost, Reliable Rectifier with up to 1,500 Watts of DC Output. Smaller Rectifier is Well-Suited to Applications such as Gas Stations, Pipelines and Storage Tanks.

Product Description

Allied Corrosion’s ALCO Air Cooled Gas Station Series, manufactured by Universal Rectifiers Inc., is a low-cost rectifier option with the same reliability as the standard air cooled rectifier line. Limited to 1,500 watts of DC output, this smaller rectifier is used for applications such as gas stations, pipelines, storage tanks or other non-hazardous locations where continuous duty, DC power is required.

Low-cost cathodic protection rectifiers limited to 1,500 watts of DC output.

Air Cooled Cathodic Protection Rectifier

Quick Facts:

  • Air Cooled Cathodic Protection Rectifier
  • Low-Cost, Standard Reliability
  • 1,500 Watt DC output limit


  • Gas Stations
  • Pipelines
  • Storage Tanks
  • Non Hazardous Locations requiring continuous DC Power


  • Weatherproof to NEMA 3R
  • 16-gauge, White powder coated cabinet with front opening door
  • Wall mounting tabs top and bottom (pole mount Channel is optional)
  • Heavy-duty transformer with 15% over-design for reserve capacity
  • Heavy duty, draw-pull, stainless steel cabinet latch
  • Slide-out galvanized chassis
  • 20-step voltage control with link bar taps
  • Hinged 3/16″ Grade XX, Phenolic front panel
  • Accessible front panel Total precision shunt
  • AC Input circuit breaker
  • Magnetic AC Secondary Breakers (instead of fuses)
  • Hoyt, separate analog, 2-1/2″ round, volt and amp meters
  • Time elapsed indicating meter
  • Silicon diodes protected by surge suppressors and current limiting breakers
  • All electrical connection hardware is Nickel Plated and double-nutted or soldered
  • Multi-strand, high temperature insulated flexible wiring
  • Terminal block for AC input wires
  • Safety shield panel supplied on all units over 65 Volts DC

Optional Features

  • AC and/or DC lightning protection
  • Communication filters
  • Meter switches
  • AC/DC failure light
  • DC circuit breakers
  • 115 VAC convenience outlet
  • Alternate output control (constant current, constant voltage, constant potential
  • NRTL / ETL third party certification
  • Other options per request of customer

Gas Station Rectifier

Gas Station Rectifier Door Open

Standard gas station series

Cabinet Wattages & Weights

Case Size
Maximum DC Watts
Shipping Weight
100 lbs.
150 lbs.
Each rectifier is custom built and will vary in weight.
The weights above are approximate.

Typical Dimensions

Ordering Code/ Model Number

G = Gas Station Series

S = Standard Rectifier (Manual Taps)
C = Constant Current (Reactor Style)
D = Constant Current (Solid State)
E = Constant Voltage (Solid State)
P = Constant Potential (Solid State)
M = Multiple Modes (Specify Modes Required)
V = Variac Control

A = Air Cooled

I = Silicon (Recommended)

List Maximum DC Voltage Desired

List Maximum DC Amperage Desired

G = 115, 1 phase only

C = AC and DC arrestors
D = DC arrestor
E = AC arrestor
G = Communications Filter
H = Meter Switches
J = Power On Indicator Light
K = DC Failure Warning Light
M = DC Breaker
R = 115 VAC Convenience Outlet
Q = Other, Specify

Additional information

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