3000 lb. Ground Joint Insulating Union

Central Plastics Ground Joint 3000 lb. Insulating Union

Complies with ASTM A - 105
3000 lb. Working Pressure
Stops Galvanic and Electrolytic Corrosion of Mains and Services
Provides Permanent, Economical Protection
Protects against Stray or Induced House Currents

  1. Ground Joint: Extra wide seating surface.
  2. Brass Ring: Serves as bearing surface for the nut. Eliminates possibility of damage to nylon insulation when making-up.
  3. Precise Mating Tapers: Provides high compression, gas-tight seal. Will not loosen under strain or vibration.
  4. Forged Steel Nut and Body: Made from hot forged AISI 1023 open hearth, silicon killed forged steel.
  5. Extra Heavy Shoulder: On swivel end and in the nut. Increases strength to withstand pipe strains, vibration, misaligned connections, and wrench abuse.
  6. Integral one-Piece Construction: Insulation is bonded and molded to the metal body. No loose parts to assemble, lose, or misalign during field installation.
  7. Precise Threading: Expert machining for exact dimensions.
  8. Molded Nylon: Nonbrittle to withstand extreme shock loads and impact without fracturing. Chemically unaffected by most substances including gas, water, ammonia, petroleum oils, and greases at temperatures as high as 250° F. Central's insulation design uses a return of nylon on the internal surface, which gives additional protection against shorts caused by bridging of foreign materials. Dielectric strength goes far beyond the toughest requirements.